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Mango-flavoured e-liquids are the best. That’s what we think anyway. We are a team of experienced brewers based in Malaysia. Although we’ve tasted and created a myriad of other flavours, mango is still one of our most-loved flavours.

Mango is a superb flavour and definitely one of the best fruit flavours to to incorporate into e-liquids. That’s the whole drive behind Mango Most.

Although we brew a number of other flavours (under other brands) as well, we see Mango Most as our personal journey towards bringing the best mango-flavoured e-liquids to the table.

We’ve been manufacturing fruity e-liquids for about three years now and although bringing out the best is frustrating at times, we have no regrets!

We think of this as our passion project. So it’s amazing to see that other people love mango-flavoured vape juices as much as we do! Since its launch, Mango Most has made its way to and is loved by vapers in at least 12 countries. The best part is, we’re still growing!

We consider ourselves the pioneers for mango flavoured e-liquids in Malaysia. No other brand has such focus. Equipped with the experience of using koolada and sweeteners, we’re looking for that right blend and balance of mango flavours in each of our flavours.

One of the best things about mangoes, and subsequently, mango flavouring is that there are so many different variants (or cultivars) to choose from. There are hundreds of mango cultivars – from Alphonso to Zill (yes, those are the names of two different mango cultivars).

One of the base flavours that we like to use is a mango flavouring that’s known locally as mango lemak. “Lemak” is the Malay word for “fat”, which gives you an indication as to how the flavour might taste. It’s a delightfully, rich and sweet mango that has a bit of a creamy finish.

We like it because it provides a very satisfying mouthfeel and has the richness of creamy vape juices, without being too overwhelming.

When you layer a combination of other flavours – mango or otherwise – over this base, it creates a super satisfying multi-layered vape juice, that’s still simply mango.

There are countless benefits for vaping mango-flavoured e-liquids.

We’re pretty sure that most of you have your favourite mango-flavoured e-liquids. It’s the best selling flavour all around the world.

One of the benefits of vaping mango e-juices lies in the taste profile of mangoes. Mango flavours tend to be very refreshing and is one of the best flavours for all-day vape juices.

Look at the most popular brands such as Nasty Juice’s Cush Man, Throne Liquids’ The Lady, Cloud Niners Mango, AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrent etc.

It’s hard to envision a world without mango flavoured e-liquids!

Why are mango flavours so refreshing?

The mango is a fruit that is extremely sweet and flavourful. Vapers get the awesome experience of vaping mangoes over and over again without getting desensitised.

Mango-flavoured e-liquids reduces risk of vaper’s tongue

Mango-flavoured e-liquids have a hint of acidity. Thus, vapers who stick to mango vape juices are way less susceptible to vaper’s tongue. (“Vaper’s tongue” is a phrase that’s used to describe the temporary loss of taste that vapers experience after vaping certain flavours.)

When vaping, the ideal is to keep switching up your flavours so that your tongue doesn’t become fatigued with a single flavour. However, we’ve found that mango flavours last much longer as an all-day vape.

It’s also a great in-between flavour, if you want to switch up your flavours. So next time you are experiencing vaper’s tongue, instead of chewing on coffee beans or going back to smoking cigarettes (which sucks big time), just vape mango flavoured e-liquids for a few days and your vaper’s tongue will be gone!

mango-flavoured e-liquids

Mango-flavoured e-liquids go really well with other fruity flavours

When balanced correctly, mango flavouring goes amazingly well with other fruit flavours. This makes mango the perfect flavour for pairing to make mixed-flavoured e-liquids.

For example, Mango Most e-liquids have a range of three mango mixed e-liquids – Mango Blackcurrant, Honey Mango and Mango Lychee. The names are self-explanatory.

(For this brand, we were focused a lot more on the flavours rather than the names.)

In case you’re wondering, our bestseller is Mango Lychee. Even though it’s hard to get perfect, our team of brewers pour their heart and soul to create the best mango blends available in the market.

Browse our website at Mango Most or check out other mango-flavoured e-liquids at Vape Club now if you would like to try some world class mango-flavoured e-liquids!